HB560L【Jerk&Accuracy】In Stock
Length:5’6″ Lure wt:3/16-3/8oz Line wt:8-14lb Rod wt:181g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB511LL【SideHandTrick】In Stock
Length:5’11” Lure wt:1/8-1/4oz Line wt:8-12lb Rod wt:177g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB600L【BackHandAccuracy】Out of Stock
Length:6’0″ Lure wt:3/16-3/8oz Line wt:10-14lb Rod wt:196g Taper:Variable-Mod
HB600M【BackHandAccuracy】Out of Stock
Length:6’0″ Lure wt:1/4-1/2oz Line wt:10-16lb Rod wt:187g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB630LL【SideHandLongCast】Out of Stock
Length:6’3″ Lure wt:1/8-3/8oz Line wt:8-12lb Rod wt:185g Taper:Variable-Mod
HB630L【CircleCastSideHand】Out of Stock
Length:6’3″ Lure wt:3/16-1/2oz Line wt:10-14lb Rod wt:200g Taper:Variable-Mod
HB630M【CircleCastSideHand】Out of Stock
Length:6’3″ Lure wt:3/8-3/4oz Line wt:12-16lb Rod wt:193 Taper:Variable-Fast
HB640ML【TechnicalLongCast】Out of Stock
Length:6’4″ Lure wt:1/4-5/8oz Line wt:10-16lb Rod wt:186g Taper:Variable-Mod
HB660H【OverHeadDrive】In Stock
Length:6’6″ Lure wt:1/2-1oz Line wt:12-20lb Rod wt:193g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB680L【ExtraEnergyDriveLT】In Stock
Length:6’8″ Lure wt:3/16-1/2oz Line wt:10-14lb Rod wt:192g Taper:Variable-Mod
HB680M【ExtraEnergyDriveMID】Out of Stock
Length:6’8″ Lure wt:3/8-3/4oz Line wt: 12-16lb Rod wt:204g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB680XH【ExtraEnergyDriveHVY】Out of Stock
Length:6’8″ Lure wt:1/2-2oz Line wt:12-16lb Rod wt:205g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB710LL【MasterOfCranking】Out of Stock
Length:7’1″ Lure wt:1/8-1/2oz Line wt:8-14lb Rod wt:204g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB760L【AwayDistanceLT】In Stock
Length:7’6″ Lure wt:1/4-1/2oz Line wt:10-16lb Rod wt:203g Taper:Variable-Mod
HB760M【AwayDistanceMID】In Stock
Length:7’6″ Lure wt:3/8-3/4oz Line wt:10-20lb Rod wt:211g Taper:Variable-Fast
HB640LS-SGt【LongCastHighSpeedShad】Out of Stock
Length:6’4″ Lure wt:1.8-7g Line wt:3-6lb(PE#0.3-0.6) Rod wt:167g Taper:EX-Fast
HB660MLS-SGt【SpinningMetal&Retrieve】Out of Stock
Length:6’6″ Lure wt:8-12g Line wt:4-10lb(PE#0.4-1.0) Rod wt:158g Taper:EX-Fast
620PMH【ParabolicVersatile】In Stock
Length:6’2″ Lure wt:1/4-3/4oz Line wt:10-16lb Rod wt:164g Taper:Parabolic
630M【TechnicalCast&AllRounder】Out of Stock
Length:6’3″ Lure wt:3/16-1/2oz Line wt:10-14lb Rod wt:167g Taper:EX-Fast
630MH【CoverTexasJig&Frog】In Stock
Length:6’3″ Lure wt:1/4-3/4oz Line wt:12-20lb Rod wt:173g Taper:EX-Fast
650M【AllReelingBaits&Worming】Out of Stock
Length:6’5″ Lure wt:1/8-1/2oz Line wt:8-14lb Rod wt:170g Taper:Fast
650MH【AllReelingBaits&WormingMID】Out of Stock
Length:6’5″ Lure wt:3/16-5/8ozoz Line wt:10-16lb Rod wt:177g Taper:Fast
660H【PowerGameStrategy】Out of Stock
Length:6’6″ Lure wt:5/16-1.1/4oz Line wt:14-20lb Rod wt:178g Taper:EX-Fast
680MH【Retrieve&WormingVersatile】In Stock
Length:6’8″ Lure wt:1/-3/4oz Line wt:12-16lb Rod wt:172g Taper:Fast
680H【Retrieve&WormingVersatileHVY】Out of Stock
Length:6’8″ Lure wt:1/4-1oz Line wt:14-20lb Rod wt:179g Taper:EX-Fast
690PH【ParabolicHeavyVersatile】Out of Stock
Length:6’9″ Lure wt:3/8-2oz Line wt:14-20lb Rod wt:183g Taper:Parabolic
6100H【SlowRollingHeavyCover】In Stock
Length:6’10” Lure wt:5/16-1.1/2oz Line wt:14-20lb Rod wt:185g Taper:Fast

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